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Isobel Knight

Succession Planner

"I believe good operators in agriculture prepare their businesses for the future and view succession planning as a vital part of good business management.

Isobel is the owner and director of Proagtive and has degrees in business, law and psychology. Isobel was awarded the 2013 NSW-ACT RIRDC Rural Women’s Award, and was the National runner up. With her husband, Rodney, Isobel runs a cattle trading enterprise. She is a Mother of 3 and a Grandmother of 2.

Isobel has worked closely with hundreds of families Australia wide. There is no one in the succession planning industry with the breadth of knowledge, experience and passion as Isobel.

Isobel’s passion is to ensure that the next generation has an opportunity to participate in their chosen field, and believes that a lack of succession planning, or engaging in a one-dimensional version of succession planning, is costing families, communities and Australian industry dearly.

The remarkable level of training and experience sets Isobel apart from anyone else in the field of succession planning.